Dangerously Cold Weather Puts Much of US in Deep Freeze

People all across the US from the South to the Northeast are shivering as extremely cold weather is bearing down on much of the country. The brutally cold temperatures are not reaching above single digits as daytime highs in many states, prompting officials to take action. In addition to schools be closed or classes postponed, many homeless shelters have been finding extra beds and sleeping accommodations for the people they serve as it’s simply too dangerous to sleep outside. The Arctic blast that is affecting a big part of the country has prompted local governments across many states to warn people of how dangerous it is to be outdoors. Thus far, the cold weather has been responsible for claiming at least five lives. The Northeast and Deep South are two areas that joined the Plains states and Midwest in shivering through this ridiculously cold weather.

As if the news could not get any worse, the National Weather Service said Thursday that people should expect more cold weather to end the work week as a rapidly moving cold front will delivering another dose of extremely cold air across the mid section of the country. High temperatures on Friday from Montana, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Michigan to Texas and Louisiana are expected to be up to 30 degrees below normal.

The below freezing temps were causing all types of delays, cancellations and problems including problems in large cities when bus and train traffic was affected due to equipment problems. Commuters showed their frustration on social media as many people posted photos of bus and train stations jam-packed with people. In Pennsylvania, an 18 vehicle pile up accident happened in white-out conditions that left two dead and up to two dozen injured. The only people who are benefiting from this cold weather are those who sell things like generators and snow shovels as well as furnace and automobile repair and towing firms.

In Boston, the MBTA public transit agency was busy making preparations to avoid mechanical issues caused by cold temperatures as the frigidly cold air pushed into that part of the country Thursday. Subway trains were being stored away inside maintenance buildings and tunnels overnight to help keep them warm while officials were working to figure out how to handle big problems like cracked or broken rails.

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